Thursday, February 14, 2013

on feeling under. and first-world problems.

people all around me are giving up
(for lent)
and i can't even accomplish
my february ninth to-do list
i'm not even sure why i wrote
recipe at the bottom
(and starred it)....
i'm afraid the stacks on my desks at school
and the dust bunnies at home
have joined forces and
are threatening a bloody coup....
today is valentine's day
so i'll have a classroom-full of
giddy, broken-hearted, sugared teenagers
and i kind of dread it, really....
i'm just feeling under
or i was feeling under until i watched this sixty-one-second video....

what do you think?


  1. Quick video and BAM it hits you right in the face. I have NOTHING to complain about....but I still do. Thanks for the hit I needed it today :)

    Much Love,

  2. How true this is, Kendal! Thank you for sharing this video...

  3. Wow, Kendal. Think I'll show this to my students.

    I did have to laugh, though, at the "bloody coup" by the "stacks on the desk at school and the dust bunnies at home." And I nodded at the sugared, heartbroken, and giggly teens...

    Then, after nodding and chuckling, you made me get my head straight. Thanks, friend.

  4. what a video. thank you for a straight shot of perspective.

    ps i'm so glad to know i'm not the only one who can't make heads or tails of my to-do lists. (my biggest problem is my penchant for abbreviating. 'ind' for example. indecent? indianapolis? indigenous? 'tis a mystery to me.)

  5. Thank you for the great reminder - we are blessed, oh so very blessed. I need to practice my *gratitude attitude* more - and learn the secret of contentment.