Saturday, March 2, 2013

pledge can and god and ordinariness

sitting by fire
(listening to hiss of log-too-green)
sipping coffee from my weekend mug
i check a few high school scores and stats
before the day gives over to
vacuum roar
(and hiss of pledge-can)
baking and place mats placed
chris is outside on agricultural duty
while the boys are sports and chores and friends
this is ordinary....
and god-given

what is ordinary for you? and your thoughts on ordinary? 

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  1. Taking a moment to enter your ordinary was beautiful. I'm stopping by from Five Minute Friday this week.

  2. Amen! God takes our ordinary moments & makes them extraordinary! Thanks for sharing the thought. I visited from The Missional Women :)

  3. ordinary~ silly boy; oatmeal kisses; wet bed; lots of laundry :)
    fluffy pillows; missing chickens; waiting on God; prayer-filled days; weather watching; Boy Scouts

  4. "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us."
    In a Pledge can, maybe.
    This is my favorite five-minute Friday this week...thanks for your carefully-chosen words and for serving God in the middle of ordinary.

  5. I don't know how, but stumbled across your blog a week or so ago, and instantly bought your book. The words made me cry big huge tears.... I've struggled with bad eating for 11 years now,and it has been a long silent journey. The last two years I've finally told a few people, and .... they just don't get it. And I don't blame them, and I'm not angry at them. But the more I tried to explain it, and the more they tried to make me eat, the more I realize how lonely this path is...

    thank you for your words, and helping me know I'm not a freak and I'm not the only one. Because right now, I very much think I am.

  6. Ordinary for me is a morning spent working on budget, balancing checkbook and cleaning. Tonight? Celebrating a 15 year old boy's birthday with Chinese food. :)

  7. Oh I love this - love your weekend mug, the hiss of too-green log, the vacuum and Pledge. I read a line in The Message today -- Live in Holy Awe -- and it just stopped me in my tracks. That's exactly what you were doing, Kendal.

  8. Ordinary for me is a morning in front of the fire, doing my devotional time, and then nestling in with a good book.

    WOW - now that I write those words, it doesn't feel so ordinary at all. Like Michelle said, holy awe.

    Thank you, Lord, for all those ordinary moments in my life that are made extra-ordinary because of YOU!