Monday, February 25, 2013

mi amiga

i'm asking why world missions
and hearing jesus answer
that he came to share news (good)
and release captives
that he came to bind up the brokenhearted
and comfort the mournful
that salvation and compassion point to him
that his spirit will empower us to participate
and my friend elizabeth (whose husband's name is welcome)
she gets this
she needs help
she's praying that the spirit will move you
to join god's work in the christian school
to which she and her husband are devoted
would you sponsor a student?
would you pay for a teacher's staff development?
would you go and help with construction and repairs and witness?
would you?
click here for detailed information

chris and i have supported this ministry for four and a half years. we trust it implicitly. bienvenido and elizabeth's work opens the door for churches and individuals to participate in world missions at varying levels and expense. 

continuing to count his blessings to 1000 -

947. blackberries on my pancakes
948. lunch with friends
949. charlie's (nephew) third birthday
950. hilarious texts from sister-who-has-a-new-dog
951. uncovering periwinkle
952. time away from school
953. students who get excited about learning and hang in there with me

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  1. Oh, this is such good work, Kendal. We had a meeting after church yesterday about a mission trip our church is participating in to Haiti this summer. I so long to go...Praying for your friends work and this school.

  2. I love reading about missions!! Thanks for sharing today. I am visiting from My Freshly Brewed Life where I linked up after you. Have a blessed day!!

  3. Dear Kendal
    If I could, I would have made a large contribution towards these kids. But I pray that you will receive all you need from our Pappa's Hand. Over via Laura's.
    Much love

  4. Kendal,

    Oh I am counting the gifts too. Linking in from My Freshly Brewed Life.

    I'd like to see periwinkle.


  5. I love that your sharing this cause. What a beautiful work you are doing for the Kingdom and for your friend who is also laboring for Him.

  6. yes and yes. i echo your heart, dear kendal. love you.