Wednesday, April 24, 2013

and since saturday i've learned that....

dandelion leaves
dandelion leaves do not make tasty salad greens
(remember that time you accidentally bit into a tylenol?)
lemon-balm-leaves-infused water does not make good lemonade
(remember that time you tasted dirt?)
dumping freshly popped popcorn into a ziploc bag
because you are getting into a car and are afraid
that you'll spill a bowl-full,
and plus you don't like to scrape your hand across the buttery bag
is not a bright idea
(remember the smell of burning plastic from when you
left a bag on a burner and then turned on that burner?)
that's all.

how about you? any advice from the real life?


  1. I can hear you in this...fantastic.

    Advice from me? Remember when you called that friend and hung up on her husband because he's not very nice and then you remembered everyone as in everyone has caller Id.

    1. what, are you a 6th grader? hanging up on people? you crack me up, sullivan.

  2. just think how boring life would be if you already knew everything......imissyou

  3. Good chuckle this morning, Kendal.

    I can think of one thing from my past...

    Remember that one time when you were in a hurry and used your spray deodorant, but then realized it was hair spray? Sticky pits aren't any better than stinky pits...