Friday, April 19, 2013

joy-jumps, scary-sad sorrow and sweet basil

these have made me joy-jump
this week -
(and....that would be imaginary joy-jumps
because i rarely actual-jump)
a son's home run
food lion brand nutella
fresh sweet basil's aroma
turning soil with husband and son
playing play dough with nieces and nephew
i'm watching the news even as i write
this world is
scary-sad and sorrowful
guilt is snuggling in
beside me on the couch
reminding me that joy should not accompany sorrow
shouldn't it, though?
jesus tells his disciples to take heart
for he has overcome the world
i will not allow scary-sad sorrow
to glue me to the screen
yes, i will pray
i'm going out to plant my basil....

how do you respond to the scary-sad sorrow of this world?

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  1. I love the poetry of this post and how you created moments of jumping instead of gathering it all into one. Really cool!

  2. Sin will try to steal our joy, but our God is bigger. He told us there will be trials and suffering in this world, but to go anyway!
    Glad you are moving on.
    Keep up the God work.

  3. well written. I love the phrase Joy=jumps. I sometimes call them Tigger Bounces! have a great weekend, Kendal

  4. I was just writing somewhere else that often we feel paralyzed when the world's sorrow hits us in the face. Guilt has been following me around this week too. Not sure what to do about it except pray.

  5. The joy of the Lord is our strength - and boy how we need strength when, as you say, the scary-sad unfolds around us! Loved this post! Visiting from Barbie's this morning! (I'm a FMF-er too!)

  6. I totally agree about the scary aspects of this world lately! I have been focusing on the beauty found IN the tragedy...first responders and others who give no thought to their safety as they care for the hurting. Proof that God is still there, even in the face of what is horrifying!

    Hugs this morning. Thanks for the encouragement over at my place...I needed it :-)