Sunday, April 14, 2013

on not lopping the judas tree

hey, tree
i've had my eye on you
since you volunteered for your spot
in the saint john's wort
you haven't wanted to bloom,
little red bud
in fact you were very nearly lopped
but something about you
and this flower!
this is spring's miracle -
she always always
hikes this mountain
(her gait determined)
to bestow her gifts -
the ostentatious show of light green atop the trees
the tiny-i-can't-believe-i-found-it ones
tucked low
in the branches of a judas tree
again, nature preaches

what is wowing you this spring? 

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

988. new opportunities for worship on the horizon
989. warmth
990. the days i feel like a real teacher
991. running a 5k with a student
992. new recipes
993. time to cook
994. my husband who makes new clothes lines and helps with dishes and thanks me for marrying him

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  1. Love that it bloomed. Nature never fails to amaze us & tell His story to us - one way or another. Thanks for sharing this! I visited from Playdates With God & am glad that I did!

  2. Love this - the one red bud! And spring hiking up the mountain. Beautiful image.

  3. Hi Kendall
    She truly is a dainty little one. Yet, a gift of beauty nonetheless!

  4. 'again and again nature preaches.' Just read Ps. 119 section 12 (approx vv. 89-96??) this morning and posted something on Facebook about Creation speaking of our God. The wisteria blossoms on the vine are the frailest of light purple packages--gossamer weaving holding them together--a package of beauty awaiting us.
    That's what is wowing me. :-)

  5. beautiful!

    spring itself wows me. the life from all this death is such a beautiful picture.


  6. How fun to have this first and only bloom! Spring is wonderful with newness and the light shades of green that tell the world that all is new.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  7. Yesterday I was wowed by the little flowers blowing off my trees and onto me as I sat seemed sureal, like a fairy tale.

  8. The red bud is all in bloom here in our little valley. It makes me smile so big each time I catch a glimpse of that bright purply pink :). I'm glad you didn't lop it down. Sometimes things take a little longer to bloom.

  9. 994 - that is a beautiful gift - isn't it - and I liked your son's quote over at Amy's, too. Nature - even seemingly challenging things like Judas Trees (challenging because the name just seems to invite a debate) - I like how nature sends us encouraging messages to not give up, to keep on hoping in Faith that His plan will work its way out:) I'm glad you didn't lop it down, too!

  10. I love that little pink flower!

    The thing that is wowing me this spring is a nest being built outside my kitchen window by Mr. and Mrs. Blue Jay. And a husband who just told me last night that I am the best person he has EVER met in his entire life!


    GOD BLESS, Kendal!