Monday, June 17, 2013

i found the hardest prayer

david said it -
you are god
after the lord
the spirit of his prayer
is free from
shoulder shrug
eye roll
bitter voice
pride and fear
you are god
this is the hardest prayer

is there a prayer you've found that's hard to earnestly pray?

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  1. the prayer to surrender my child(ren) to the hand and heart of God. all i can think is, i want to keep her safe, no one can touch her.

    but He wants to touch her and hold her and tend to her in a way that i cannot. and she is mine to raise but His to hold.

  2. I agree with Rachel about surrendering my kids. I also surrendered my dreams. It seems like it takes a lifetime to fully trust him but slowly getting there.

  3. Oh, amen to what Rachel said.

    But now, as I'm having to stay with my aging parents for a week each month, my hardest prayer has become, "Lord, give me patience and kindness and love - even when, especially when I don't feel like being here."


  4. I am reading Jennie Allen's book "Anything" right now, and she talks about this at length -- how we pray for God to do anything, but we don't really surrender that one thing in the secret part of our heart.

  5. It is a prayer of surrender...Oh, it is hard to pray at times!

  6. This reminds me of the story behind that song "God of the City", Kendal. Basically, it is saying that God sees all the injustice in the world and one day He will make it right. This is a hard prayer to pray. God is God of all. As the Shema says...

  7. I always think about David and how he so passionately wanted to build God's temple ... and God said no. I think about how I would have reacted (tantrum, complaining, lament), and how David accepted God's will. Good lesson for me.

  8. This prayer is hard for me Kendal. So hard. He is God and I need to let it end at that.

  9. Thanks for sharing this, Kendal. Yes, so true..
    It is hard for me. I often want to add more to it..but it's so good to know He is God, period, and that I can rest in that.