Thursday, June 13, 2013

twenty-one: the email anniversary (and a ministry update)

today is our anniversary
chris in lavege last year
last year
we were once-in-a-lifetiming it
in the carribean
this year is real -
chris is in tomorrow
sharing jesus with the generations
i'm home making lists -
blueberries - cover with net
strawberries - pick and freeze
walkway weeding
no matter where we are
he is a portion of my very being
i'm so glad i said yes

how about you? what do you do for your anniversaries?

*ministry update: chris and his team have arrived (finally) in australia and should be in lavege, papua new guinea in the next twenty-four hours. there, they will show the jesus film and work on simple translations. these GET global trips (wycliffe) are for the purpose of exposing young people to the translation process. please pray for safety, wisdom, courage, luggage location and good health. thanks!

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  1. Awesome news!! I love celebrating anniversaries with my husband by getting away for a few days -- we need that time to just relax and be alone.

  2. We celebrate much as you describe. This year will be our 28th (wow!) and we will be here doing what we do. But we will be together as always. Blessings and congratulations!

  3. And this is the real stuff we celebrate--not the Hallmark version. We persevere together whatever God lays before us and give thanks that we're slogging through it together.

    Thankful to hear Chris is making progress in his travels. Grace and peace to you as minister on the homefront.

  4. what wonderful news!

    what a celebration for you and yours. rejoicing with you, sweet friend. <3

  5. Yay for you!

    We're going out for a date tomorrow night to celebrate our 20-years-since-our-first-date anniversary. :)

    1. oh, i love adding in the dating years!

  6. Happy anniversary!! Praying for that wonderful trip he's on and for you as you wait. Loved your broody hen post...made me think of us, a year ago, trying to ready Andrew to push out of the nest once again. He wanted to go back to normal and we wanted it, too. But it was scary to let him go and we had to trust the Lord to catch Him. He was faithful -- the wedding is in nine days and Andrew will walk out with his new bride, no cane, no brace. God is good.

  7. girl? just so happy for you. and so proud of your husband, of the way he shares and shows Jesus. love you.

  8. Awwwww. This is such a tribute, and there is no way you could be married for 21 years being that you are 27 and all.

    We usually don't do much to celebrate our anniversary. . .it's so close to Christmas, and the month just seems full. BUT this past year my husband surprised me with a cabin in the woods. It was perfect and not your average "cabin" more like blinged out "cabin". It was perfect.