Monday, July 1, 2013

spilling a latte at b&n and other irrational fears

chickahominy river at uncle mark's in VA....
we ended our weekend with
rain on the chickahominy
hank playing john denver
but i left home for the graduation-baseball-trip
in baltimore
feeling irrationally anxious
about, oh i don't know,
a car crash
getting lost
the yankees losing
getting a head ache
spilling a latte on a barnes and noble display....
okay, so some of the fears were realized
(thankfully the barnes and noble lady didn't make me
pay for the two titles i ruined....i've already read them)
and i got a headache
and the yankees lost
god, in his infinite goodness,
showed me, again,
that all the worrying in the world
i am the one who helps you, declares the Lord;
    your redeemer is the holy one of israel

he says i am the one who helps you
not one of the ones who helps you
not something that will help you
i am the one
and this peace-rain on the chickahominy?
it's the reminder

how about you? do you have irrational fears? do you worry? what reminds you that the worry doesn't change anything?

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  1. One of my irrational fears is something happening to my husband if he goes somewhere alone. Like last night for instance, he needed something at Walmart. I really wanted to stay in for the evening and read. But in my mind, I needed to be with him. If I wasn't, something might happen. So I went. How crazy is that?!!!

  2. I was feeling very anxious today ... listening to Great Is Thy Faithfulness helped.

    I read with coffee at Barnes and Noble all the time.


  3. kindred spirits we are.....i cry at your anxiety's because this fear of what might happen muddles my thoughts and i pray that we can give them to Him because he does not want us to live in fear

  4. Oh, my goodness, we are soaked through here. We returned from holiday to find the world all soggy and the garden grown by two feet. But, yes, worry doesn't add one day, does it? But it might subtract some...

  5. I am the queen of irrational fears. Yes, I worry - I also fret, stew, and ruminate. I have a lifetime free pass on the "What If" train.

    And though I know in my heart that I worship The One - it's still a battle to face anxiety-filled days.

    Trusting His Word, and remembering His faithfulness, are the things that help me get by. God's promises are not shaken by my fears, nor are they diminished or altered or negated. GOD stands firm, no matter what.

    That is what consoles my heart and stills my thoughts.