Thursday, July 4, 2013

oh, broody betty - an update on all things gallinaceous

chris included a covered porch
when he built our hens' coop and nesting boxes
and broody betty loves it
when she went broody for about six weeks
she would roll the other girls' eggs
from the nests to the porch
just sit,
faithfully and fruitlessly
(or should i say chicklessly?)
lest she starve, we staged an intervention,
leaving her in a dog house for four days
and she was better
we've had five rainy days in a row this week
and it's just been too much for her
(i understand this)
she's sitting again
not eating
not socializing
hoping for some sunshine to break through her gloom
will we have to stage another intervention?
ah....the suspense
in other news
one of the hens has a matted eye....
we named her iris

what's new with you?

*50 points to the person who knows the definition of gallinaceous. without looking.

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