Monday, October 28, 2013

my childhood friend, jealous

some favorite bloggers
were at a conference over the weekend
within driving distance of my home
and even though i look at the pictures and see
people who would make me feel inferior
and even though i look at the pictures and see
writers who would make me feel inferior
i still wish i had gone
instead, i had a visit from my childhood friend, jealous
she is my green monster
who wants to be my constant companion
i have a weapon against her
it's remembering that i have good and perfect gifts from god
i'm thanking him for
leaves turning red
son strumming in his red chair this weekend
freshmen guys calling out thank-you-mrs-privettes for cookies and hotdogs
darjeeling tea
another great read 
sunrise. always the sunrise.

what are your thankfuls today?

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  1. I have the same friend and I can relate Kendal! I am thankful for God's complete and never ending love and acceptance of me. God always has you on His mind too sister. Be encouraged and enjoy His love for YOU today :)

  2. Reading all the posts about the conference brought that friend straight to my door. I felt her straining to enter my heart. You've reminded me to count my blessings and in doing so, take up the welcome mat. Thank you, Kendal.

  3. You brought jealousy into the light ... brave work, Kendal. And I always enjoy your lists of thankfulness.


  4. Love you girl! Here's how literal I am - after a few minutes I was still trying to figure out why anyone would name their daughter "jealous". You stretch my boxed-in ways of thinking. Thank you for that. And yes, I can relate to that....jealousy and for me it moves into self pity. You are a fabulous writer and could've been the keynote at that conference my friend!

  5. Yes old man jealousy has been lurking in my heart too lately. You know what is funny though, Kendall when I first read your title for this post I thought it said: My Childhood Friend, Jesus. HA. Now that is who we need to buddy up with instead of that green monster!

  6. Someday, soon I hope, our feet will land in the same place. I wish you could have been there, friend. Keep shining, friend... You're always making a difference, right where you are.

  7. oh girl--i'm so sorry. :( i know how jealous i felt every year that people went to allume and i didn't... i SO wish i could have hugged you there, in the flesh, but i love that you were right where you needed to be and i hope that one day soon we'll get to meet. love you. e.