Monday, November 4, 2013

when will it turn into bacon?

before supper:

if there was ever a question concerning
the authenticity of my rurality
doubt will now exit stage right
because i - 
the one who has cried real tears 
because she had to touch raw chicken - 
made my own liver mush today
what's liver mush?
you city-slickers ask
it's poor man's sausage
and is as southern as sweet tea and kudzu
the first ingredient is
one hog's liver
that's right
one hog's liver
the rest of the "recipe" is just as nebulous 
suggesting other forms of pork, 
some cornmeal
some salt
some pepper
some sage (dried? fresh?)
some boiling
some stirring
where are you, america's test kitchen?
but it should be great
because i am accomplished in the kitchen
who could resist an old-time, southern food like liver mush?

after supper:

i so wanted to post pictures of the family
gobbling down the true south
but alas
my niece's question
when will it turn into bacon?
is on my mind as i look at
of liver mush in my freezer

how about you? do you have an epic kitchen fail to share?

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  1. I'm southern through and through but this is a new one for me. :) (And I'm not a fan of touching raw chicken either.)

  2. Lol-Thanks for the smile! I've had plenty of epic kitchen fails! My favorite was an organ meat stew... we ordered pizza!

  3. Hi Kendal! Nice to meet you today;)

    Liver mush, huh? Never heard of that one, but my Mom saved us from the indignities of liver, so I guess that's why. My epic fail? I remember I had my Grandmother over for dinner as a newly married. We were sitting in the kitchen, and I popped the seal on the crescent rolls, the ones in the tube?

    Anyway, I should have checked the outdate first because the rolls shot out of the tube like they were on fire. BAM! and right onto the ceiling. Some of it stayed on the ceiling too. My Grandmother never blinked an eye. You would think this happened every day for her. I was so embarrassed!!!

    We all have fails in the kitchen. Hopefully they don't outnumber the triumphs!
    From SDG,

  4. oooh, this is a good one!

    My kitchen failure is burned into my brain. The first time I went to my husband's family Thanksgiving, I was asked to bring one of my peach-strawberry pies. I was so worried about making it perfect -- we weren't even married, just engaged, and they're all big on food.

    It came out perfectly! I picked it up as we were walking out the door...and it slipped out of my hand and it landed face-down on the floor. It STILL makes me want to cry thinking about it...well, a little laughter too!

  5. :)

    I once made brick-hard brownies. Scratch that. I've made brick-hard brownies several times.

  6. I love trying new foods, but I have to admit, liver mush sounds nasty! Epic fails? I recall one Thanksgiving, my mother, an amazing cook, was talking to me and distracted. While making the turkey gravy she accidentally added baking soda instead of cornstarch to the liquid. We laughed until our sides hurt! She never missed a beat though and still made delicious gravy for the feast. No one else was aware of the fail and we had a great time!

  7. Never ever for one second have I ever doubted "the authenticity of your rurality"! Miss you, girl.