Monday, November 11, 2013

sunday sound bites

in wal-mart i overheard a customer say to his wife -
i hope they have them sanny clause cakes
i grinned,
thinking about a grown man
hoping for the sanny clause cakes
in church our pastor explained the ephesians 6 armor -
you know when we think about something really big
like the number of stars in the universe
we say we can't wrap our minds around it
well, the helmet of salvation means 
wrapping the gospel around our minds
letting it envelope all we are and all we do
i groaned,
thinking about how often i leave that helmet in the hall closet
at home i heard my husband, after a spate of anger toward an apple peeler, say to our son -
i'm sorry
i sighed,
thankful for a man who wears his gospel helmet well

what did you hear this weekend?

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  1. this post is evidence...that life is beautiful...happy day to thank the veterans for giving us a day off

  2. I heard: 1. Prepare my mind for action; 2. Be sober-minded, and 3. Set my hope fully on the grace which Christ has promised (I Peter 1:13)

    Sanny Claus cakes. Love. It. And now, I will forever think of them that way. And smile :)

  3. Dear. Kendall
    Oh, those three words seems so insignificant yet it has such a great impact. What else can we do after we have messed up. May our Lord grant us real repentant hearts.
    Blessings XX

  4. "how often i leave that helmet in the hall closet" I've never really thought about it the way your pastor said. But ouch yes - how often I leave it behind.

  5. So often I leave that thing in the closet too, my friend. Trying to wrap that thing around my big head.

  6. Sanny Clause always came to my grandmother's house. She always had on her gospel helmet. Always. :)

  7. This is great, kendal. I love your unique writing . Gets me every time.