Monday, November 18, 2013

because we're all a little dusty

when the light is just right
i see that
a fine layer of dust
lies just beyond
the vacuum's reach
this is the part of house cleaning that involves
but in my quest for nonsqualidity
(i know it's not a word)
i'll clean it
and this preaches
because we're all a little dusty
and in need of one who crouches down

i'm so thankful we serve a savior who sheds light on the dust and is willing to dirty himself to clean us up. how about you? what's your thankful today?

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  1. thankful he kept nudging me to do what I didn't want to do but knew I needed to do - struggling with exercise right now and it's catching up with me in so many different ways. He wouldn't let up this morning and finally I gave in and got out of bed. On my way to the gym I was overwhelmed with thankfulness that I had the physical ability to work out when so many struggle with disabilities or chronic pain.

  2. I have to echo your thankfulness for this one. And add one -- thankful for a sweet phone call I got tonight from my elderly mom...

  3. This is so funny to me because I went from room to room looking at the dust today, and I just couldn't face it. Isn't that pitiful? I just couldn't do it. Some days are like that, and I've been down, but I do feel like God is dusting me off. Thank you for your beautiful words. Poetry is a language I speak.

  4. Dear Kendall
    Your post reminds me so much of our Lord Jesus wrapping the apron around His waist and washing the disciples' feet!
    Blessings XX

  5. Finally, a poet-blogger! I love poetry. So glad to find your lovely words.

  6. Beautiful...I love your "parable"...I'm thankful that He is pushing me to be more involved in community. It makes a difference.

  7. Visiting from Amy's place! Such a beautiful poem. Few words, but oh the truth is...yes.....we are all a little dusty! Great words this morning! ~ Jen

  8. We are made of dust....add the living water Jesus brings and we are clay...then there's the firing. I'm in the kiln right now for refining. :-)
    Thanks for this perspective, Kendal, I probably will look at all those dust bunnies differently from now on....

  9. nonsqualidity - love this word. and love your words. I have a friend who is a beautiful quilter. She knows none of her quilts are ever perfect and doesn't get worry since she knows onl y
    God is.

  10. It's in those nooks and crannies that we need him SO much (well, we need him in all our spots, but you know what I mean). So thankful he's able to bend down and clean all of us, not just the "easy" parts.

  11. I love your word! And, maybe it's because of the lower sun angle this time of the year, or maybe because I spent the entire summer outside by the pool, I've really been noticing the dust and webs which have gathered without my noticing.

    Yes, the crouching. That's what it takes. That's what it took.

  12. Oh so often I think of Jesus while I vaccuum. (I thought I was the only one!) Each time I move furniture to get the hidden places collecting filth and junk, I know it is a picture of my heart - of the Holy Spirit moving things around to deal with my mess and clean me up.

  13. ah, gorgeous, though most days i bypass dusty and head straight for filthy. but even here, He makes me new. thankful for you today, my girl.

  14. Wonderful word picture! I love this. I am so thankful for His willingness to clean me!