Monday, October 21, 2013

seven questions

i have some important questions....
why do people litter, and especially mcdonald's trash?
what is a stinkbug's purpose?
why do hens prefer to eat dog food over chicken feed?
what's the story behind the hat, knife, sash, jacket and jewelry my husband is sporting in this picture?
(i'll find out wednesday!)
what if jesus hadn't said lazarus, come out?
if he hadn't specified which person, i mean
would all the death-cloth bedecked people
have come blinking out of their tombs?
i believe yes
this god, who was in the beginning
this god, who is in the now
this god, who will be in all the tomorrows
when he speaks, things happen
so, yeah, he needed to specify which person should walk out of death
which begs the seventh question
what if we lived like we believe god for his might?

your turn. seven questions. go.

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  1. Why do noses run and feet smell?
    What is the deal with those tags on mattresses and pillows?
    Why can we sometimes see the moon during the day?
    Why does all the bad food taste so good?
    What would people 100 years ago think about paying for coffee, running for fun, and grabbing food on the run?
    How can Jesus love me in spite of all my shortcomings and faults?

    What would happen if I lived my life REALLY believing that in the very depths of my soul?


    (Yeah, what IS a stinkbug's purpose???)

  2. Did Adam have a belly button?
    What was Paul's thorn in the flesh?
    Why does food always seem to taste better when you aren't the one preparing it?
    Why do three olds always ask "why" over and over and over again?

    very interesting thought about all the people rising from the dead if Lazarus hadn't been called out specifically. Great dinner conversation tonight ahead of us. Thanks!!!!

    1. the thorn in the flesh. definitely on my post-it note of questions for god!

  3. I'd like to know why your husband's wearing that get up, too.........

    1. i DO know that he was in darjeeling, india at the time. and possibly at a tourist site....

  4. Why am I most productive when I think I don't have time?
    Why do all the people I want to hang with live so far away?
    How does God endure the same prayers day after day after day and not tune us out?
    Why can't I learn how to fry things?
    Why can't I have an outfit like Chris?
    Why does water soothe my soul and make me feel alive?
    Why can't fall be longer?

  5. Good questions!
    I'd also like to know why people throw cigarette butts out their car windows and don't consider that litter.
    Why aren't there purse hangers in all women's restroom stalls?
    Why does summer have to be over?
    Why do children grow up so quickly?
    Why do I not live closer to my grandson?
    Did the people who lowered their friend through the roof to be healed by Jesus ever go back and repair the roof?
    Why have I been away from your site for so long? :)

  6. good post! my brain is fried at the current moment, I would love to return with seven questions...for now, why can't every day be Saturday? :)