Monday, October 14, 2013

zuu-zuu and a great book

Amazing Restroom Sign
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i saw man feet in a public restroom yesterday
you know,
when i was sitting in my stall
checking out the neighbor's shoes
didn't i check the signs?
the kham-speaking people of nepal
would say that in my moment of realization i heard
which means embarrassment
they hear chagrin
was it my heart
quickening as i realized i would have to walk out of a men's room
into a crowded restaurant?
i finally opened my stall door (cautiously)
only sort-of ready to live into the zuu-zuu
a woman smiled at me as she entered the room
(what's the kham sound for relief?)
but what of the man in the stall, you ask
lady's work boots....

*the book, at the foot of the snows, (from which i learned the kham word for embarrassment) is an excellent missionary story that's keeping me from reading blogs, grading papers, listening to my family....i highly recommend it!

what's new with you? any great zuu-zuu stories? good reads?

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  1. Oh, I've been there but for real, a couple of times, actually. Once I opened the stall to find my husband standing there shielding me. He had seen me go into the men's bathroom and followed me but was too late to stop me so he waited for me to come out and quickly ushered me out. Zuu-zuu indeed!

  2. I had that same feeling a few weeks ago as I watched a man's hairy, flip-flopped feet go into the stall beside me. My immediate thought was, "Am I in the wrong place? I even checked the sign as I came in (even though I was somewhat familiar with the restroom)." I hurried up to wash my hands so I could quickly escape in case I was in the wrong place. As I was rushing out, a lady was coming in. Then, I checked the sign anyway. Yep, I was right. The man was wrong. I wonder if he felt the zuu-zuu?

  3. Ha! Ha! love it - makes me want to go put on work boots and sit in a bathroom stall for an hour causing more zuu-zuu moments.

  4. So funny! Not quite the same zuu-zuu, but I had some *moments* shopping for a fancy dress the other day. Embarrassment at my back end looking back at me.


    1. back end looking back at me....that's funny! I'm adopting that line.

  5. That was a good build up. . .was totally expecting you to confront a many in a woman's bathroom.

  6. Oh Kendall you bring me joy! how funny and a new word too!

  7. Phew! What a relief! Thanks for sharing this light hearted story!

    Blessings, Joan