Sunday, October 6, 2013

what the spiderwebs said

Spiderweb and Barbed Wire
i wish this was my photo!
it's  her's....
the fullness thereof 
was all mine this morning
while i ran
slap slap slapping
under the pale sun
her fog-shroud
the spider webs knit neatly between barbed wires
reminded me
of my place in god's world
and isn't it amazing
we're allowed to pray?
to thank
for provision
for word
for husband and church
to ask
for children's wisdom
for miraculous healing
for safety and love
the fullness thereof
was all mine this morning

what has god shown you lately?

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  1. Hi, Kendal! Stopping in from "Sharing His Beauty" Linky. Love this poem, especially since we have a LARGE number of spiders that live in around us - we live next to a lake and spiders love being near water. I'm still not a fan of spiders, though. What has God shown me lately? I seem to feel the need to be still and rest in Him, as emphasized in my last blog post.

    Have a blessed week! Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

  2. Two weeks ago, I had such an amazing time of rest. I experienced a fullness that I desperately needed.

  3. gorgeous! and oh yes, what an awesome privilege we have to talk to our Savior, anytime, anywhere. and that photo? yes ... fabulous!


  4. Yes ... it is so amazing.


  5. Isn't it amazing how God speaks to us when we do repetitive work with our bodies, like running, and just let Him fill our minds? You wrote such a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Found you through Tell His Story and so glad I did...such a lovely poem!

  7. My favorite prayer times happen while running.

  8. ohh this is just glorious. i love the way you speak, Kendal. <3

  9. My big lesson from God lately is making peace when I don't have peace. It's a weird one, but he puts up all of these little reminders for me throughout the day that I just can't ingore.

    Miss talking to you, girl!