Sunday, January 5, 2014

god's got the door

hi ya, pop
i've saved up a few stories for you....
let's see,
you've heard the flying-squirrel-chewing-a-hole-in-my-house-one
this is new -
we got an egg today!
first one since october....
what? which chicken?
one of the red hens
she left it in the kindling box beside the front door
yeah. i know. service with a squawk!
you should have seen the animals when i fed today
the chickens gathered round the dog food
the dogs gathered round the chicken feed!
what? oh funny, dad.
no, i don't imagine the dogs will start laying eggs
white stuff?
i didn't think we'd had any snow
but when i walked the dogs this afternoon
i found the tiniest bit tucked into a maple leaf
on the western edge of the field
it was a nice surprise
yeah, we went
hey, did you know that god closed the ark door?
it put me in mind of
we actually control in our lives
but you've known that a long long time
haven't you?
i love that you taught me to trust that
god's got the door, pop
i love you

if you could talk to a passed-away-loved-one, what stories would you have for him/her today?

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  1. Beautiful and sweet, Kendal. Sending love, friend.

  2. May the love and memoreis that flow from your heart and pen give you sweet comfort, Kendal ...

  3. Lovely...and a great reminder to appreciate and keep sharing with those we love now, today, in this moment...

    Blessings, Joan

  4. This was a precious dialogue.

    And yes, God closed the door. What a profound thought you have shared today...

    If I could talk to a passed-away-loved-one, I would probably tell my son's best friend from high school that there isn't a time when I don't remember his smiling face. And, because of his faith, I am more sure about seeing him again in heaven than ever before.


  5. your writing is so beautiful. prayers for you.

  6. What a beautiful way to tell a story. (Visiting from Soli Deo Gloria!)

  7. Do you know what I love the most - that you had a real-life, down-here walking, tangible dad you could talk to like that! I love that you shared it - stories like that show me how God wants to talk to me:)

  8. Oh, I think I'd list out to my grandmother all the funny things the kids have said. Like when the KC Chiefs were playing on Saturday against the Colts and Abby asked if we were playing the "Horseshoes." Love this dialogue with your daddy, K.

  9. I'd tell my Dad how when he left this world God brought into the world and into our lives our sweet daughter through adoption. How we missed him being there like he was with our son. And how our little girl thinks she knows her Grandaddy even though she's never met him. She talks about him to others and then they're surprised to know she never met him.Yeah, I'd totally tell him that.

  10. Such a lovely conversations with Pop. I think I'd ask questions--so many times since my parents have passed I've wondered about their youth and different experiences they had in their lives.

  11. God's got the door... yes. what a tender letter/post friend. I've been missing you! XO