Monday, July 21, 2014

8.5 (kendal's rating scale for workouts)

so, today was an eight-and-a-half star run. what's that? you don't rate your workouts? well, you may use my system, free of charge! each criterion may receive no star, half a star or one star, for a total of nine stars. again, this is completely free! and, the list:

*clothing and footwear are comfortable
*ideal temperature and weather
*no bathroom-related needs arise
*high energy level
*goals met
*no annoying/terrifying reptiles, insects or mammals (this includes humans)
*satisfactory entertainment. i am perfectly happy listening to the thoughts in my head (is that prideful?) but some of you may need a playlist....
*something special happens (a beautiful vista, a terrific running partner, no heart attack)

today's run lost half a star due to high humidity. my special? i talked my twin sister into running with me!!! how about you? do you have rating systems for things like public restrooms, work-outs or puns? would you add anything to my list? discuss.

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