Monday, July 28, 2014

on time and why i hate her

my second son, jack and his cousin, zoe
that mercurial enemy,
is indifferent to
our toddlers' adorability*
the additional hours we want with our dads
graying hair
failing bodies
she pushes us headlong-and-fast into futures
we cannot fathom
and stands
when the wait is too much
and she never, ever
in this moment?
i see toddlers grown
feel time slow as i wait, wait, wait
for the older to come home
and time?
she never, ever

*(adorability is not a word? it should be.)

what is your relationship with time?

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  1. Ugh..time doesn't slow for any of us.With Emily's wedding coming closer each day, I'm trying to slow it down to no avail. Adorability should so be a word! ~Pamela

  2. Oh, good poem!

    Yes, we seem to always want time to slow or stop...either to let us more enjoy a moment of joy...or to give us more time to try to 'fix' times of stress...

    And, yes, 'adorability' sounds like a perfectly good word to me!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. love your words. love the pictures. hate the girl time too.

  4. I don't know how I feel about depends on how I look at it and with what eyes. It is a gift and I think I am one who sometimes squanders it...and then I blame "her."

  5. Oh how I can identify with this. I've had a new kind of aching in my spirit this summer watching my son transition from boy to tween. It's wonderful and age appropriate and I WISH IT WOULD STOP! Thanks for linking with Unforced Rhythms.

  6. Kendal, you captured the 'blink and it's gone' speed of childhood perfectly. I can 'amen' that. My relationship with time? I know it's precious and am getting better at making the most of it and relishing what I have. (Also am grateful to the Holy Spirit for the reminders to SLOW DOWN and savor when I need to.)

  7. My relationship with elusive one. She goes too fast! I can totally relate to this!

  8. Ah, sweet Kendal-- That is deep. And true. Honestly I am torn by time sometimes-- I always seem to be fighting her, but with the passage of time comes new blessing and experience. What a gift God gives us (and just think, time is a non-issue in heaven. Whew!)

    Thanks for linking up with #EverydayJesus... And yes, I think Adorability should DEF be a word ;-)

  9. Ah ... time ... I still drive by the high school my youngest attended and think it doesn't seem like that long ago ... now his daughter is in high school and my husband has performed the weddings of two other grandchildren! Even my two youngest grandchildren are no longer "little ones." But ... now we get to see the "adorability" of a precious little great-grandson! And speaking of time ... how did I become a great-grandmother! Blessings, Donna