Monday, August 4, 2014


feeling thankful
this morning
and isn't this basic
i will give thanks to you, 
with all my heart; 
i will tell of all your 
hank home from ten weeks of running and yes, drill sergeanting
a generous gift-that-helps-so-much
jack's wide smile 
husband in the kitchen
tomatoes and squash and cantaloupe and corn
dogs that guard the tomatoes and squash and cantaloupe and corn
sunrise, every day
music that points me to the one who 

what are your thankfuls today?

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  1. Taking time to give thanks is such a fundamental privilege and discipline for us as believers. I'm thankful today that my daughter is home from college for 2 weeks, that my husband still has a job to go to, that I have sunshine and air and flowers and a million other gifts from God.

  2. Music that points me to the one who gives all good gifts... YES. I'm thankful for that too, profoundly. And for His hand of kind pursuit woven intricately through my story, even through the painful parts. Blessings to you, friend. {Also - the name of your blog - a spacious place - just makes me sink deeper into my couch and sigh... I love it so much. Love that about His heart so much.}

  3. Oh, yes. How the thankful opens us to the spacious place in which we live. Love this, Kendal. All your particulars.
    So happy to have you with us at Unforced Rhythms.

  4. Replies
    1. Agreed... Just think if Hank went to basic a few months prior he might have had my hubs for a drill sergeant! (Although I am not sure if Brandon's graduates smiled that big. Ha.)

  5. So many beautiful gifts. And in the praising we get to enjoy them twice. :)

  6. Such a beautiful picture your words paint. Thank you for the sacrifices you make so my family can live in freedom. I can't imagine the hardness of your sacrifice. God gave me a few hours from a far-away friend today and that's my biggest praise. We need those face to face times with our sisters of the soul, don't we? ~Pamela

  7. Kendal, you exude joy when you give Jesus such thanks. I like the way Laura B. said it, "in the praising we get to enjoy them twice."

  8. Love this list, Kendal-- looks very similar to my #1000gifts list I add to daily.
    Solo mama days
    Tempo runs
    Hurt-so-good-workout soreness
    Vanilla Candles

    Congrats to Hank's successful completion of Basic! Where is he off to next? (If it happens to be Fort Lewis, WA you best be emailing me ASAP so we can take him under our wing :-) ) Congrats and thanks for linking up at #EverydayJesus!

  9. Thankful for such grace and girlfriends and such a good God!

  10. I am thankful for friends and family and the opportunity to worship Jesus in freedom. Thanks for linking up with The Weekend Brew!