Monday, August 11, 2014

on school and getting lost in the other

it's the new year again,
school starting up,
and the halls will hum with discourse on
teacher salaries
common core
student computers
free-breakfast procedures
locker breaks
how to handle cell phones
flipped classrooms
but on my wall,
in my classroom with the
always-working fluorescent lights
smart board connected to the brand new laptop computer
desk and computer for each student
heat pump just for room 804
restrooms-with-running-water just down the hall,
i'm going to post these pictures,
reminders of
because sometimes i

how about you? what matters first in your calling? do you ever get lost in the other?

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  1. you capture the buzz that can swallow our real callings so well. beautiful pictures of a beautiful calling.

  2. Thanks for the reality check...humbling to say the least.

  3. Beautiful. It's so easy to get caught up in politics and expectations and forget what it's for in the first place...

  4. This is so good. And the answer is yes. For me, ministry is about relationship, but I can get pulled into other distractions (like page views!)

  5. So, so, so refreshing. There's such an abundance of "other" ... so easy to get caught in it all. Thank you for this beautiful reminder and for posting at Unforced Rhythms.

  6. Powerful, dear Kendal. Powerful. Yes, I get distracted from my main "first" in life and that is to do everything for God-- from writing to diaper changes. It is hard when the world screams for attention but He equips us to handle it. Thanks for sharing this over at #EverydayJesus

  7. This is good! How true it is that we get so caught up in one that we lose the other. For me it's losing sight of the ministry my day to day "mom life" for the glorious calling to women's ministry through blogging, writing, and organizing womens events. It's all well and good, but all that should never trump my first calling of being mom. So glad to find you on Barbie's Weekend Brew. Keep writing thins kind of stuff! We all need it!

  8. What matters most to me is pleasing God, but I often, often, get lost in the day-to-day and forget my direction. Reconnecting can be a challenge. I have started putting notes on my calendar to guide me back.
    I will comment back ­

  9. I love your photos and I love this reminder. Always glad when you share here. Always, always.