Monday, July 27, 2015

public weeping

the twins stood side by side,
matching in their
tank tops
plaid shorts
reeboks (original)
tan skin
white hair
their unison and emphatic yes
to my are you twins?
belied their fast friendship
one wore the green, hospital, i'm-having-health-problems bracelet
this one difference was my undoing....
i wept at the thought of the impending 

what makes you cry in public?

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  1. I am overcome with emotion at anything that smacks of cruelty to animals or young children. On the other hand, I can be greatly touched at seeing random acts of kindness or people who thrive by overcoming physical or mental challenges.

    I wonder if these are some of the things that also move God?


  2. I also cried at the hospital when I saw the strong weakened over many weeks of cancer treatments. I have cried as my children performed, received awards and advanced to older levels. I hate to see them grow; yet, I revel in the beauty of it at the same time!

  3. Things that make me no particular order. Dads loving on their daughters, elderly couples who are holding hands or showing affection, a funeral processsion, people who are lonely.

    Love to see you here sharing your words with us.

  4. Ah, twins. I love the picture.
    Grace makes me weep, every time.

  5. Well this... this makes me weepy! I love that photo and how adorable they are! Oh my goodness! I'm with Kelly - Grace - handed to me, or given out around me... that always makes me weep!

  6. So moving as I think about them.
    I love how you wrote this.

  7. Cry in public? Yeah, not my top 12 things on my fun list, but I do it (thanks to the Holy Spirit softening me up in my old age.)

    Things that make me sniffle: Military homecomings (especially when my beloved is gone and/or involved) really huge surprise acts of kindness or when my toddler does something REALLY cool or has a major breakthrough at daycare (Although I save those tears for the car... Usually.)