Sunday, February 13, 2011

on comments lost and virgil unveiled

i've been wanting to reply to people's comments here at a spacious place. so i enabled a new-to-my-blog widget that will allow me to reply to comments directly on the blog. (because i want to tell erin at it's grace that yes, i have read richard scarry books. and that yes, virgil the doodle worm and lowly worm are cousins.) after a little research and clicking, i loaded up disqus commenting. and my other comments disappeared. how terrible is it that i gasped? that i felt bereft? am i that dependent on attention? yikes. i did find the old comments through my dashboard, so i can see them. but what about readers who come by and see 0 comments at the end of a post? they'll think no one reads me. or likes me. i should have an inspirational verse right now. or insight. but all i have for you is honesty. and a picture of virgil from last week's post.(click here to read it, but you won't see 26 comments.)

and for these i am thankful:

69. my mom who gives out valentine's treat bags!
70. my sister katie who says things like
     "so i called my tow truck driver...."
71. my girl (the one i mentor) who took a big big step this week.
72. chris, my husband, who took the boys skiing one day and frisbee golfing the next!
73. NC weather that allows #72 to happen.
74. my cheerleaders (did you know that i am a coach?)
75. parentheses

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  1. Your blog always makes me smile! And no, I didn't realize you were a cheerleading coach. What fun!
    Enjoy your Valentine's Day!
    Cindy :)

  2. Thanks for all the info, abby! i need to get over my "need" those comments!

  3. Hey Kendal...I've learned a new feature I might need to add to my blog! And I love reading the thanks livings! What a great peek into someone's life...and I too have had some great hours of time to devote to art as my hubby has had some days off work lately too...which we absolutely loved!

  4. from one lover of parentheticals to another: you rock. your posts rock. your honesty just plain rocks. (and i know you know this, but i think it's worth repeating: you are so much more than the sum of your comments, visible or otherwise.) :) have a beautiful day, lovey.

  5. I read you!!!!!!...even if there are no other comments....!!!!!!!

  6. Look at you and your techno-wizardry skills! So much still to learn out here in blog world. I love that you read Richard Scarry books, but I'm nearly insanely jealous about your NC weather! Got your lovely book--thanks. So glad you put this collection together. May it be a blessing to many and feed souls. Praise God for #71!

  7. thank you, nancy! my girl found a way to purge and hide food while in the treatment cneter. BUT...she told on herself. i think this was HER first step toward recovery. no one pushed her into this one.

  8. I'm totally addicted to my comments too...I feel you. I love reading your thankful list every week, btw.

  9. Your sister one had me cracking up! Yay for big steps with your mentoree... I know that does your heart good. I would have gasped on the comment thing too because sometimes I need to go back and be encouraged by the amazing women God has placed in my life through this blog world :)

    You rock Kendal! Just thought I would let you know that.

  10. I would be sad, too, if I lost all my comments. It's funny -- sometimes I think I'm over numbers and all that -- until they are gone. And, then I realize, how far I still need to go.

  11. I've been blogging since 2006 and I still play that dreaded numbers game in my head. Ugh!

  12. Love your blog
    Love that you love to read comments
    Love that you feel like the rest of us regarding comments but you say it out loud
    Love your humility
    and just love you which is weird since I only read your blog and don't know you in person. Don't be creeped out.

  13. You're hilarious! Not sure if I'm supposed to be laughing, but I did - with good-natured love being sent your way. I can SO relate. Just this morning I was feeling embarrassed that i have two posts with ZERO comments and only fifteen followers. Comparison, comparison, sin, sin, YUCK. Oh well. Such is the nature of my flesh. I look to Him - desperately - to free me from it. In short (yea right): I'm with you sister, I'm soooo with you. Thanks for being so honest, always. It's truly refreshing.

    Also, I just wanted to say that I notice that every time you make a thankful list you include "your girl". That really touches my heart. You are faithful, Kendal, in the hard things, for the long run. This is love. This is Him personified in spite of flesh.

  14. not creeped out. uplifted on a kind of blah day!

  15. Stopping by and joining from Ann's. I Love your list...and grew up in NC. I miss it...and hope to make it back one, I understand #72 very well!!! Love your list!

  16. Oh my gosh, I would have felt the exact same way. Horrors -- to have no comments! To look as if I have no fans! So easy to lose perspective, isn't it? I know...happens to me all the time!