Wednesday, March 9, 2011

and i know

the church window through which
i've been staring...
can you tell the building was once
an elementary school?
sitting in my church classroom
an hour and a half
early for class
staring out the window
trying not to sigh audibly
it's raining (again)
chris is in ghana (still)
i know he's right where he should be
i miss him (a lot)
i'm just a smidge melancholy....
to make myself feel
i'm going to add to my
thankfuls list
even though it's
monday (gasp!)

91. my church. my-new-to-me church. i love it.
92. student bible study at school. twenty middle schoolers!
93. chris's trip to ghana.
94. talking to chris on the phone. across the atlantic ocean!
95. exclamation points
96. my colleagues
97. my girl, the one i mentor. i simply love her.
98. philippians 4. read it.
99. hillsong united's aftermath cd
100. my blogging community - and i'm linking up with several below! read. be blessed.

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jennifer v. davis


  1. Good for you, not being a legalist and posting your gratitude list on Wednesday! Gasp, indeed. I have a friend who does ministry in Ghana--wonder if it's where your beloved hubby is now?

  2. Ah Kendal, may God bless you and keep you while your husband is away.

    Exclamation points rock!!!

  3.! i just love you and look forward to coming b/c I know you will give me something real and good in few's an awesome gift! yes, we are in a season where he will travel {most likely} without us--not sure--PRAY!

    and love you adding to your list on a Wednesday! you go!!!

  4. northwestern ghana. don't remember the name of the town. he and one other guy from our church are traveling around with a Ghanan (is this the demonym?) preaching in villages. staying in hotels and guesthouses as they go. it's going really well.

  5. got more work done?

  6. thanks, abby. this, him going without you, is new. everything okay?

  7. Oh good, I'm not the only one who appreciates exclamation points!!!
    Think of you often, Kendal, and thank God for your courage and freedom. I sat with a friend the other day and read your book together. May God continue to use your words to point others to Him!
    Sweet blessings,
    Cindy :)

    P.S. Keep me posted when you are ready to do the giveaway :)

  8. Rainy days are my favorite time to just sit and look out the window and think. What a blessing you are to your special girl... the one you mentor. Such a blessing.

  9. I love your thankful lists.

  10. Your girl is blessed to have you as a mentor. I think I said that before, but I can repeat it, right?

  11. i read your words like a hear a song in my mind. i'm grateful for chris in ghana, too, and pray for his work, his safety, your heart.

  12. That's a wonderful thankful list! I hope that the Lord comforts you while your DH is away and brings him back safely. Have a blessed day.


  13. oh friend, this, then, this gratitude, is so much more meaningful in the melancholoy. i'm so glad we can be community together. love to you.

  14. Sweet any encouraging words, your thankfulness is a thing of beauty

  15. I am so glad there are teachers like you!!

  16. gasp:) I'm going to read Phil. 4...I've been the same way with all the cloudy here BUT today the SUN came out! I your heart words as usual. you inspire me

  17. Your words really hit me today--feeling a touch of melancholy even though you know your husband is where God wants Him to be. How many times have I felt that way! I love how I can relate to your words--except for the arriving an hour and a half early somewhere--that's never happened for me. :) The rain definitely brings out my melancholy moods.

    I'm saying a prayer for you and your husband today--that you will be comforted and that God will bless His work. My childhood pastor just returned from a trip to Ghana, as well; he goes every couple of years.

    Thank you so much for linking up today. It's been a crazy week; I'm looking forward to visiting your blog more often again!

  18. I hope that I can just be melancholy when Craig is on a business trip for 9 days. How long is Chris gone? You are probably surviving much better than I will!

  19. two weeks! one down, one to go. i would make a terrible single parent!

  20. Oh, I know I do, too. I'll be praying for you girl. One more week!

  21. Glad you can find some thankfulness in the midst of it all.

  22. Thank you! You always make the bloggy world beautiful with your wise and authentic words. You are a blessing to all of us.

  23. Always refreshing and uplifting Kendall...I love that you are thankful for exclamation points - I sometimes wonder if I use them too often! (oops!?). Ephesians is a favorite - have you ever read "Sit, Walk, Stand" by Watchman Nee? (An expository treatment of the book of Ephesians, but it is a slim volume...yet powerful!)


  24. Hang in there! Sounds like Chris is doing some amazing work... and he'll soon be home. (I know, it's never soon enough.) I don't know how my sister-in-law does it when my brother gets deployed for several months at a time. Uggh... that would be the worst! Take Care! ♥ Jodi

  25. Hi Kendal,

    As it rains, I hope it refreshed your soul! I feel you sadness...when my hubby is away it's hard. Praying for you! Blessings xo

    Here from StudioJU

  26. Love your poem and the thankful list.
    The yellow is so bright and cheery unlike your weather ti sounds.
    Very cool list of community that we may want to check out. I may jsut hop on over to one.
    Oh Im here from finger print friday from beki

  27. smiling at number 95. off to do number 98.

    love you today.

  28. Lately, I have a feeling of anxiousness because of all the work I have on my plate. A grateful state of mind definitely calms me. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of our simple blessings.

  29. Thank you for reminding me to make a thankful list. ♥ Happy Fingerprint Friday ♥

  30. Especially today, while learning about the devastation in Japan and talking to my friend who just lost her husband, I feel more grateful than ever. Your list is another reminder to never ever forget gratefulness.

  31. My husband travels for the better part of most weeks, but the kids are older and /or away.
    When they were smaller one day felt like forever...

  32. Aw. Kendal. You just touched my heart. I'm part of your online community while hubby is away. Love sharing these precious snippets of life together... btw, a new church? yay! It's a beautiful thing to find a new home, to be at rest with family and faith.

  33. Beki - TheRustedChainMarch 17, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    I love it. And I love that yellow window.