Wednesday, June 1, 2011

on landscaping and what i wouldn't trade

the backyard -
massey ferguson 240 tractor
badminton court
pitcher's mound
home plate
spectator seating
the front -
full-size football goal post
four-strand electric fence
vegetable garden
coiled hose at the ready
the side -
boys turning up rocks
searching for worms
rhubarb leaves
flopped over into the grass
begging for cool

these blessings i wouldn't trade
for the
manicured, paid-for
i catch myself coveting

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  1. some people have no idea what they are missing...

  2. Yes!
    I look at my neighbor's yards and want it. The perfectly trimmed grass and flowers blooming just so, but then I look at my yard littered with a few random toys and the slip and slide still out from this weekend, and I'm fine with my messy lived in yard.

    I love how you tell a whole story in just a few words. It's such a gift.

  3. Same here. Our's has become more utilitatian than I thought I would ever let it get, but I love it more for it.

  4. I wouldn't trade 'em either!! The very stuff of life.

  5. Oh yes! My lawn may not be pretty, but it sure is loved!

  6. I love your honesty and how you capture in a few words what takes me pages to explain! And you speak right to my heart--I was frustrated today as I picked up baseball bases that should've been put away days earlier leaving yellow base-shaped patches of grass. Time to relax and enjoy!

  7. our backyard is kind of like that too... anything and everything goes on back there. =)

  8. Sharon Carter UnderwoodJune 2, 2011 at 9:33 PM

    I love your way with words Cousin! Those yards you speak of are loved and lived in!
    PS summer vacation is almost here...yeah!

  9. oh, yes! these are the blessings, the way those rhubarb leaves flop... love this kendal.

  10. I don't need a fancy lawn either.. a few flowers in my back yard is all I need.. xo hugs happy friday!

  11. I have that nice lawn(but we still have dandelions), but not flower beds. I will admit it now. I really don't like gardening. Give me preennials! You sound like you have a "loved" yard.

  12. Shifting perspective -- always such a soul-changer. Being grateful for what I have instead coveting what I think I want.

  13. Oh we would love a yard like that. We have 3 crazy boys and a very small suburban yard. I love that you get so many uses out of it. Enjoy!

  14. Definitely a love thing...a yard...of any sort. =)

  15. Your back yard sounds like a boys heaven!!! Must be fun....and definitely beats boring perfect grass :).....Hope you enjoy your last little bit of time in the classroom!!!!!!!

  16. Thank you for this! I am always feeling like my yard is never "done" but my kids can play out there for hours and explore. What could be better than that?

  17. What a perfect thing to read as I look out over our yard that badly needs mowing! LOL Good for you for realizing that your family's joy is the important thing, not the false perfection that the world teaches.

  18. me too, hon. we're bordered on all sides by manicured lawns, and the juxtaposition makes me laugh out loud some days. wouldn't trade this joy for anything.

  19. Four strand electric fence? sheesh~ serious! I wouldn't trade~
    the sound of a sprinkler
    the old wood table
    too-sweet lemonade
    ratty quilts tossed out on the lawn
    impromptu concerts on teenage guitars

    thanks for helping me feel grateful after weeding all morning! :o)

  20. Love this post Kendal! Sounds like you have all kinds of goodies and fun going on in your yard. How neat! :)

  21. Hi Kendal, followed your link to here. We live on a small holding and often I long for the tarred roads just a neighbourhood away but like you say, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have learnt to appreciate the space, cutting the grass (3 hrs on a sit on lawnmower), etc etc.
    Hope you don't mind but I'll be following your blog.
    God bless

  22. Interesting list. I think it is so important and a most to make a similar list, then we can see all that we have and we love!

  23. Ahhh...just pick one thing at a time and work on that and before you know it...everything will look lovely. We use to have a huge house with over an acre lot that took all of our time off just to keep it maintained on the weekends. Now that we've downsized and have a tiny home and a petite patio...I am just as relieved to have less to worry about. We just put up a gazebo and I'm enjoying my hammock every chance I get. Sure I'd love more flowers or a vegetable garden but wanting it and having it and the reality of maintaining it...I've learned are too different things. Just put one foot in front of the other and soon you'll have the beautiful yard that you covet. Have a wonderful weekend. Fondly, Roberta

  24. Masterful weaving of words...I can feel the backyard ambiance!