Wednesday, December 14, 2011

on calling trumps

on a trip to the dominican republic
today's schedule has one hour for
school 6:52-4:00
take jack to church 4:00-4:20
drive to track and change 4:20-4:30
run 4:30-5:30
stretch and change 5:30-5:45
drive to school dinner 5:45-6:00
school dinner with husband 6:00-8:00
drive home separately 8:00-8:30
spend time with all family 8:30-11:00
i packed a bag for
the last time i ran was saturday
there will be no other time for
until this coming saturday
this one hour
this alone time with my feet slap slap slapping is
my thoughts float uninterrupted
and i know god
and i know me
for this one hour
but i didn't take my bag to school with me
and not because i forgot
and not because i don't want to run
i didn't take my bag to school with me
because i can go home at 4:30
ride to the school dinner with chris
and spending time with
my husband
my rock
trumps the one hour quiet time
trumps the exercise
trumps all

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  1. this is exactly what God has challenged me with this Christmas season. The long quiet during the frenetic celebration. I've had to say no, a hard-fought no to be faithful to his calling in this. It is so worth it.

    Blessings in your better spent hour today.

  2. And that can be so hard to up one good thing for the better thing. But how that speaks volumes to your man. Merry Christmas, by the way! Hope your family has a wonderful one. :)

  3. learning to pass by the good to choose the best...and i know when a runner passes up that needed run...that is a big choice...

  4. Oh the quiet moment. This too is what my mind is pondering today.

  5. Learning how to prioritize are doing well. Knowing what trumps what.

  6. Ah, the running. It is therapy and worship and life. But time with the husband is all of that and more. Enjoy!

  7. I had the same reaction as Deidra. Running is a spiritual act, but husband-time is EVEN better. :)

  8. Selecting the best over the good. These are wonderful choices.

  9. love the way you love each other :)

  10. oh wow. this gave me chills. i love to run, so can really appreciate this sacrifice kendal. your heart is in the right place friend.

  11. visiting from Emily's blog...have to agree with earlier chose well and wisely :)

  12. oh, perfect, just an aside, I got to be 'mama abby' to my twin's kids over the weekend. it was the best and how they stop and look when I say there name in that mommy tone and they wonder if we are really one & the same:} xoxo

  13. oh, to see this clearly the things that really matter. you are beautiful, kendal, and so wise.

  14. Your faithfulness to both God and to your husband are inspiring. Thank you.

  15. It's great to spend time with family. Sometimes we have to chose between 2 good things, but it's great to have family be a priority!

  16. I couldn't agree more... that husband time is so important. Choosing him is important. So glad to hear during a busy day you had time to spend together! Such a cute photo! :)