Sunday, December 18, 2011

verse 19

462. reading to the three montana privettes!
the lord's brother
be quick to listen
be slow to speak
i am usually
the antonym
chattering incessantly about the inane
restating my opinions
jumping in with stories
always always
seeking the laugh
and as i quickened my ears today
the words fell like rain

and for these i am thankful:

452. twenty-two years with my nephew cameron who left us two years ago
453. my brother, cam, who is serving our community in memory of his son today
454. students playing free rice to feed the hungry
455. wrapped presents
456. french roast coffee
457. christmas gifts from students - even some nutella!
458. cutting out heart biscuits with the montana privette girls (chris's nieces)
459. hearing little charlie (chris's nephew) try to say my name - kenling
460. my girl, the one i mentor, she is quick to listen and to forgive
461. my husband. he has loved me, does love me and will always love me:)

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  1. Visiting you from Ann's today. A brave thank you for your nephew. Blessing to you, Cam & your family today.

  2. Seeing that later the brother of Jesus said that one who controls his tongue is perfect, I think that this poem is something all of us can relate to...

  3. I've been reading Proverbs these last few days, and there's a lot in there about holding the tongue, being slow to speak, etc. I am a talker, so it's been kind of a reality check for me to see how often the Bible suggests less talk, more quiet!

    On another note, thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement, Kendal. Praying for you, too, sister-friend.

  4. This is something I have to work on every day. Always good to be reminded.

    Your top two on your gratitude list have me sniffing this morning. Much love to you.

  5. very sweet! I love it- God bless your brother & family - cannot imagine.

  6. How wonderful that your brother has turned his grief inside out to bless others. I'm sure the pain always remains, but I pray the good memories do too.

  7. K,
    Love that you share about your real things here. The things of thanks, even the painful things.

    Also think that pic of you reading is sweet. We've done a lot of that today, snuggling and reading.

    Shoot me an email if you want to meet up over break. Not sure what the weather will be like, but right now it is cold and raining like crazy. Where the heck is the snow (please shout this)?

  8. This post just warms my heart and overflows with sweetness, knowing the grace of the rain.

  9. Thinking of your brother and sending him love.
    Sorry I didn't see you before I left on was a strange day for me. Just know that I send you hugs and will visit soon :)