Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i just wanted to list....

  1. i don't really feel like writing tonight.
  2. but i am (writing) because i feel like i need to stay in practice. for what? i don't know.
  3. i think i grew two new gray hairs today. not a terribly stressful day, but these hairs. they are new.
  4. i am becoming increasingly intolerant of noise after 4:00 pm.
  5. my girl, the one i mentor, lead worship at her incredibly hip warehouse church tonight, and i felt proud. really proud.
  6. i wish we had a way to water the earth other than rain. because rain is so...gray. like certain new hairs.
  7. going out to dinner with my husband, just the two of us, is still a treat, twenty-five years after our first date!
  8. i love to read isaiah 61 because it is just so hopeful. unlike gray hairs.

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  1. that is pretty cool on the girl you are mentoring...that is always cool to see...

  2. I like the flow of your list. It is real, doesn't necessarily always feel pretty, but still lends a ray of hope.

  3. LOVE that she led worship tonight. and that you still know romance after 25 years. and i think gray is very sophisticated :)

  4. Wonderful news about the girl you mentor!

  5. You bless me. I have learned to love REAL people.

  6. Oh how awesome about your girl leading worship! I'm excited for her - and you.

  7. I love your list - my daughters and I are very attached to listing!

    Don't feel bad about the two gray hairs. I wish I only had two ... Hey, it's all good, I'm seeing the colorist today!

    How awesome about your girl leading worship! Such a worthwhile thing to do!

  8. Your list made me smile, Kendal!

  9. Your list is awesome! I so could relate to a few of them.
    That is great about your mentoring.

  10. #5 is my fav -- you are know that, right?

  11. Rain is very unhopeful. So are snow days. Even though those are the days I get lots of reading done while I hide out in my room. Love that your girl is moving forward.

  12. what a beautiful list, gray or no. (mine come in stark, raving white. in a head of near-black. bother.)

    love you today, my dear k. you're a blessing and an encouragement and enough light for even the rainiest days.

  13. yay for leading worship....and the gray hairs that kept popping up on your list....made me laugh a little!

  14. Love the list! I can just imagine how proud of your girl you are. That is wonderful! Isn't it awesome to find it a treat to date your husband? That is special love.

  15. I absolutely love blog posts like this. Just a simple list, straightforward and honest...with some wonderful humor mixed in. Makes me smile and think that I want to post like this now and then. Hope you had a wonderful date!