Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a humbling change of perspective

i ran past ernie's old house place today
it burned maybe six years ago
nobody bothered to tell
the cherry tree
the daffodils
that bloom every year,
and i wonder,
like the cherry tree
like the daffodils
will i leave a legacy?
will some part of me continue to bloom,

do you ever think about the legacy you will leave?

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  1. Hi Kendal,

    Linking behind you at Painting the image of spring and full of hope...I pray often about leaving a Christ-honoring and loving legacy behind starting with how I live each day. Blessings to you!

  2. You are leaving a legacy every time you put fingers to keys, Kendal. Your words, your love, your spirit--all are part of your legacy.

  3. despite. what a word. reminds me of grace, every time.

    and yes, indeed...i think you shall go on blooming in the healed-up lives of some mighty precious people.

  4. Oh yes...I want to leave part of footprint with my kids first and foremost...something lasting that they carry as part of their spiritual legacy...something that continues to bloom after I am gone...blessings~

  5. Thank you for making me pause this morning and reflect on all the beauty that persists despite. LOVE this Kendal!

  6. How lovely. I have often driven past old farms and felt sorry for the lilac trees or peonies that no one gets to enjoy any more because the greyed and weathered wooden house is now empty. What a beautiful write!

  7. perfect. and yes, you will. you already are...

  8. What a beautiful image you've painted here. Even after the burning, life will return, even unbidden.

    Sweet, sweet words here, Kendal.