Monday, March 12, 2012

what the forsythia knows

forsythia blooming
not-so-cold bible study sessions
whisper hints of
i love the whole
spring metaphor for new life
but the truth is
i have a day off school
with a sink full of dirty dishes
with dentist appointments
with baseball and soccer practices
with lesson planning
stop. kendal. walk out to the porch.
the trees are still gray
the sky holds clouds
but that forsythia
she knows the promise
because of the lord's great love
we are not consumed
for his compassions never fail
they are new
great is your faithfulness

how about you? what do you do when you when the mundane threatens to steal your joy?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

562. hiking our mountain with my husband
563. blood root in bloom
564. sunlight on papa's pond
565. dinner at friends' house
566. yielding to the creator
567. having a twin
568. my girl, the one i mentor, her courage
569. baseball games (even the cold ones)
570. soccer games (even the cold ones)
571. young lady moving to sit with the out-of-the-ordinary church visitor
572. students excited about taking care of a new student

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  1. A glass of amber black tea, my journal and pen. And then I husband who makes me Emily who spent her spring break serving God who graced our Sabbath with His presence. The joy returns--a double portion--as I count my blessings.

  2. Kindal--I found you via Lara's site--Playdates. I, too, wrote about forsythia and their promise of new growth. Spring is speaking to us, eh? I enjoy your posts!

  3. The second blog today I've visited with forsythia. I MUST go cut a sprig and bring it in. :-)

    When the mundane threatens to steal my joy..."stop." Yes. So I'll sit and rest here a minute. Thanks, Kendal.

  4. Forsythia speaks such joy to this heart. That's such a lovely promise.

  5. Lately it has been those beautiful sunrises as I take care of chores before work. But, then I was disappointed, this morning, to realize the time change has stolen that brief moment from me.

    Oh well...there is always opportunity to enjoy beauty, if we just take the time to notice...

    Thanks for sharing yours!

  6. Beautiful list. I just LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE spring!

  7. Oh how I love to stop in the spring and drink in her sights and smells.

  8. Mentoring {and being mentored} are such gifts. Bless you for seeing that!

  9. Kendal,
    Most of the time even ten minutes outside restores me to the right frame of mind and gets me less focused on the must-do's and refocused on what's really important.

  10. a hot bath and a cup of tea or putting tulips (or forsythia) on my dining room table definitely rejuvenates a mundane day!

  11. a cup of chair in the corner of my to a window...deep breathes...just feeling His presence there...

  12. When I stop to notice the beauty of "every day" things, the grey of the mundane blows away. This morning I was awakened by the gentle pattering of rain coming down. That reminds me that God's love is pouring down and creating new life all around!

    Blessings, Joan

  13. Forsythia is a good dull day habit. So are lilacs, crocus', snowdrops, and later peonies...

  14. Sitting in my favorite chair early in the morning, basking in the Sonshine, nothing better.

  15. Yielding to the creator. Yes. And counting when I life is crazy, that is yielding. Thanks for sharing your list!

  16. I'm not always good at it but I will sometime go out for a walk and just the fresh air alone and different landscape than the mountain of laundry is a nice breather.