Sunday, March 18, 2012

on bailing

Sea of Galilee (6)
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there's a sea rimmed with mountains
where storms descend without warning
and fishermen fear for their lives
where jesus-god-with-us experienced a squall
and i wonder how long the
fishers-of-men waited before they
awakened him
and heard him say be still
because when storms catch me asea
i have a propensity to bail the water alone
(a losing battle)
and that's a choice for fear
when ed whispers
when school stress presses
when sickness steals
when anger invades
i will awaken jesus-god-with-us
to hear him command
quiet! be still!

how about you? what storms threaten your voyage? what's usually your first response?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

573. cleaning up the garden
574. tiny plants from tiny seeds
575. sons beside me at church, belting out the songs
576. a friendly checker at wal-mart
577. yellow honey dew melon
578. watching basketball with the family
579. my girl's smile - i'll see it tomorrow!
580. my husband's wisdom and jokes and tender care

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  1. I never thought about thinking about asking how long the disciples waited before getting Jesus up. Wow - I can related to bailing water out myself before turning to the One who calms the storms.

  2. Yeah, I'm well acquainted with "bailing!" haha! Now, if I can just get the trusting and seeking down, it will be smooth sailing! Thanks for the thoughts on this, Kendal! :)

  3. Me, too! I'm done with bailing alone. Jesus come calm my storm!

  4. Wow! Just think how much easier our lives would be if we came to Him first rather than trying to bail the water from our storms alone! Today's poem is a great reminder. I also read your "Ed" piece...I am praising God right now for His faithfulness to you and for the victory you are finding in Him! You are fearfully and wonderfully made! Our God is so good!

    Blessings! Joan

  5. I'd like to say my first response is to be still.

    But it's not.

  6. Bailing alone was a way of life for me once. Or, a way of...non-life. It made me the perfect enabler to an alcoholic's self-destruction, bailing out, bailing out. Till I couldn't keep up and the whole boat was sinking and I was up to my neck.
    That's when I learned to be still and trust Him. He pulled me up and walked me on top of the waves like He did Peter.
    I learned the hard way, but I do a lot less frantic bailing and a lot more quiet trusting now.
    Good post!

  7. What a beautiful to compare a story in the Bible with today. You turned your words into poetry. Simply lovely! This is my first time visiting your wonderful blog. I will be returning soon!

  8. I meant what a beautiful way. :)

  9. Kendal--I have to say in my flesh that my impetuousness gets me into trouble by saying,'hey, I can handle this by myself...I am so capable.' but by God's grace and the power of the Holy Spirit I have been living less and less in my flesh and more in the power of his Spirit.
    Don't you just love the way God put stories in the Word of people just like US so we'd be encouraged?
    wonderful post!

  10. Beautiful poem. I can identify with your sentiments. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Beautiful poem - "Be Still" - I love that. Funny, though, when you try living, "Be Still" people think you're nuts because you're not worrying!I had a conversation about that today:(

  12. I never thought about how long it took the disciples to wake Jesus but, boy, oh boy...I know that it takes me a long time to ask Jesus for help. hmpf. Love it that He tells us to be still, too. So much grace He has for us.

  13. What a beautiful poem! So glad that He commands the winds and waves.... Oh, for a heart that does not fear!

  14. I just love your words! Please keep this up. Thanks for sharing your gift

  15. Yes. I want my first response to be to call his name. Beautiful thoughts, Kendal.