Monday, November 5, 2012

keeping it real on a monday

photo credit
of course i didn't have my camera with me and
therefore have no photo of hank singing inside the church....
my laundry smells like
stink bugs
the floor is streaked
because a certain housekeeper lacks
mopping skills
stacks of papers lie untouched
in my school bag
i spent the weekend listening
to a friend who needed to share
to my dad's football stories
to a message from haggai assuring
god's presence
to my son singing in the oldest chapel
to nieces and nephews requesting play time
the stacks of unsorted mail will keep

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

817. sunrises. i seriously love them
818. gathering eggs. i feel so homesteady
819. my dad's stories about 1940's football
820. my son using talent for god, for good
821. our upcoming family mission trip
822. a husband who does dishes
823. text messages from my girl, the one i mentor
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  1. Time well spent indeed...blessings on this MOnday~

  2. Kendal--yes, all those things will wait while you spend time on what matters. Precious, irreplaceable memories.

  3. This post just totally warms my heart! I feel sure the Lord will honor your time investment, and restore those hours of productivity to you.

  4. Wise and priceless use of your time...Blessings :)

  5. Avoiding my laundry that currently smells like the milk I wiped up off the floor, only now it's that old milk smell. Nice. Love that your son uses his talent for good. Love that you talk about him here.