Monday, March 25, 2013

word from the word

my favorite word from the word on sunday was
it's full and final
serves as a humble reminder
that i can't enough myself into
i can't work enough
i can't pray enough
i can't listen to christian music enough
i can't write enough
i can't take care of my family enough
i can't go to church enough
for a welcome at god's throne
jesus alone can save to the
and he does
and it's for his glory
and let us celebrate him
in this, his holy week

what word from scripture stands out to you?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

973. two hours of saturday sun
974. photos of last summer's warm
975. making people happy with food
976. baseball
977. excellent coffee
978. mediocre coffee, too
979. holding little privettes on my lap
980. students making connections

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  1. Oh, Kendal, this is JUST what I needed to start my Holy week. Kids are still sleeping. House is quiet, and now my heart is full of pondering. Thank you, friend. Beautiful!

  2. "Can't enough myself" I love that!
    Visiting you from The Beauty in His Grip link up :)

  3. What an awesome word. Love "uttermost"! Thanks, Kendal. I'll keep it with me today.

  4. What a lovely reminder of spiritual truth! Thanks.

  5. Beloved.

    But I'm pretty fond of uttermost, too. Glad you wrote about it today--a word for me to mull today.

  6. I love how one word will jump out of the scripture and into our hearts. Uttermost is a grand word to hold and ponder. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. I love that idea of picking one word...and also the way you express how that word speaks to you :)

    Visiting from Ann's,

  8. "Uttermost" ... a beautiful word and more wonderful words to give me plenty of food for pondering. Thanks, Kendal.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  9. Dear Kendall
    I see we have he same idea today at Michelle's about all the futility of all our trying that can never be enough to win our Pappa God's heart! Yes, dear one, only our Lord can save us to the uttermost!
    Much love XX

  10. I love this "I can't enough myself into God." Beautiful.

  11. Kendal, this is so beautiful. I am always so blessed when I visit your blog. Thanks :)

  12. Love this to the moon and back. Love that He is enough and so, I don't have to be.

  13. Uttermost. Why don't we use that word more often? Sitting with your words tonight, Kendal. Basking in His uttermost love.

  14. Love this.

    I also like the word *nevertheless* - as in 1 Timothy 2:19, (NIV):

    "Nevertheless, God's solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: "The Lord knows those who are his..."

    In spite of my shortcomings, my mistakes, my sins...nevertheless (In spite of that), I belong to the Lord forever.



  15. Kendal, I love this. Just, beautiful. It really slowed me. I can't enough my way to God, oh his grace, just his grace, friend. Thank you. {Came by from SDG}

    {I want to invite you to come join in #concretewords if you'd like this week--it's a link-up that Amber Haines handed over, and we're just getting started--you can link up anytime this week!}

  16. Wow, this was beautiful. I loved the rhythm of it. And so true, I needed to remind myself of this after feeling like I failed my Lenten fast, that I was rather missing the point and since even in failing it had drawn me nearer to him then it was by all accounts a success. To just know him more, that is all for now.