Sunday, May 12, 2013

how to receive deadish flowers for mother's day

  1. become the teensiest bit a flower nerd
  2. develop the tiniest problem with jealousy
  3. whine at least once a week in april over the lack of wake robins in your wildflower garden
  4. jump up and down a little when your brother mentions the veritable carpet of wake robins below the farm's falls
  5. marry a guy who listens (wait. that should be number one....)
  6. and voila! deadish flowers on the porch for mother's day!

seriously, they aren't actually dead, just the blooms are over. my husband and brother contrived, despite the busy season, to meet at the farm, tramp up to the falls, and dig. this makes my heart do some flips because i'm reminded that chris is an ephesians man, living out paul's directive to love me as christ loved the church. and i'm so glad to travel this motherhood road with him by my side.

how about you? did you give or receive any interesting gifts this year?

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  1. I cannot remember a time I didn't simply love your words. You are a treasure Kendall. Thank you for what you do and how you do what you do with your gift. :)

  2. That is quite an interesting gift. :-) And odd that you mention flowers on the porch at all because I received that this year from my oldest daughter--it was the first time she's ever sent me flowers. They were a beautiful bouquet. My youngest gave me StickyGrams--magnets made from Instagram photos. Love both my gifts, but love my daughters far more.

  3. How romantic is that? I love that he knows your heart so well (and listens!). I don't know what a wake robin is! I'll have to look them up.

  4. So I'm guessing this plant is now growing in your yard and will bloom next year? How sweet. My best gift was watching my granddaughter in her dance recital and spending time with family!

  5. What a gift it is to have a listening husband. (I know - I have one, too).

    Yesterday, after church and lunch at a special restaurant, the husband and I went shopping at the quaint stores in our little mountain town. We found (and bought!) a cowboy painting that both of us fell in love with! Happy Mother's Day - yee haw!!


  6. Interesting gifts this year? Nope, but one year I did catch my husband walking around with a bedspread in a store.

    My relpy: I know you aren't thinking about buying me home goods.

    He quickly put it back.

  7. I received some lovely wildflowers picked from our yard, wrapped up with some scrapbooking ribbon, and a lovely tag placed on it saying "You are the best mom in the world--what would we do without you?" Loved it. Definitely the best ever mama's day present. Thanks for sharing this cute moment with us. {Came by from playdates}

  8. My daughter, six years old, cleaned all the floors by hand for me for Mother's Day. She did this on her own accord. And she painted my nails. So sweetalicious!

  9. In the Pacific Northwest we call those trilliums and they are hard to find, Kendal. You received a treasure~

  10. Oh, I so love trilliums too (we call them that in my neck of the woods (Eastern OH/Western PA). Now you're making me want to dig some out of my parents' woods and put them in the shady places of our backyard. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day gift.

    1. we call the pink ones trillium, but those red ones, we call wake robins....