Sunday, May 5, 2013

on making much

we've had unusually cold weather this spring
and i've made much of it -
shouting out this is ridiculous
with each gust of wind
issuing stats to every luckless listener
(35 of 37 baseball games this spring have
required the blue fleece blanket)
i've been making much of
state testing
a 5k run (and its weather)
our garden
my dog-dog-doggies
what of christ and his unsearchable riches?
am i making much of the one
by whom
for whom
i am here?

of what are you making much these days? 

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  1. We do need to be careful and decide what we are making much about. No matter what it is, the world is listening!

  2. My not-so-important job. Thanks for the reminder!!

  3. Hmmm...I've been making much of the cold spring, too. You're convicting me, Kendal. Thank you, friend. I need to make more of Him...

  4. Of silly chores that can be left undone for a few more moments while read with kids.

  5. Yup, been doing *much* complaining lately myself.

    However, yes, you're right. I need to be thinking - and saying - much more about the One who's given me Life!

    Good word today.


  6. i love how often our hearts beat in tandem. this has been on my mind yesterday and today--that if i'd just catch a glimpse of who Jesus is, i wouldn't want to talk about anything else.

    love you, friend.

  7. Right to the point once again, Kendal! Love the way you say this, too!

  8. We've had rain here the past couple days and it is a good reminder for me to slow down and tuck into God. (love imagining you shouting "this is ridiculous" into the wind :) grin)

  9. I'm totally making much of the cold spring here, too. Went on a field trip with Rowan to the nature center last Friday - I must have told 6 people later that afternoon how cold I was, how chilled to the bone, how I had to make myself a hot cup of tea when I got home. You would have thought I'd survived the arctic or something.

  10. Me? I'm giving waaaaaay too much attention to things that don't deserve it. Playing out hypothetical situations instead of embracing the real stuff in front of me.

  11. Much Mawmaw-ing, writing and cleaning. I have to be careful I make time for God's agenda because I'm an achiever. I think the world will stop in the to-do list isn't taken care of. I'm trying to learn to set it aside as the Holy Spirit nudges. Thanks for inviting us to take a look at our "making much."